A Stag Bachelor Party tests even the strongest relationship between groom and bride, bachelor and bachelorette, with strippers, naked women, hot dancers, exotic adult entertainers and lots of wild friends for the craziest, wildest party anywhere on reality tv or pay per view.

The modern bachelor party, or bachelorette party for the bride to be and groom to be, is a wild night of drinking, girls, strippers, hot naked women, sex games, breaking rules, and getting into trouble with the wife.

STAG: A Test of Love explores the pleasures and consequences of the greatest test any relationship can endure... the Bachelor Party!

Every explosive new episode follows another wild & crazy pack of bachelors out to rage the town and see how many rules they can break! Beautiful exotic dancers, tall cocktails and a bunch of friends who just won't take no for an answer can only lead to trouble!

Once the party is over, we give the bride-to-be a chance to review the footage... just to keep things honest! How will she react as the night unfolds before her eyes? Can their relationship endure, or have too many lines been crossed? Only the explosive finale will reveal the truth!

Host Tommy Habeeb is on hand to help the couple talk out their differences and emerge stronger as a result, for the challenge of marriage is one they must face together.

Reality TV that tests a couple's commitment, pushing the boundaries of love and good taste. Will their relationship survive this test of faith, or will the broken promises lead to an unrecoverable crisis!

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